Production Process Realization of construction waste brick, roughly the need for construction waste sorting - crushing - screening - brick - drying and other five processes. Of particular importance is the initial processing of construction waste, fully automatic jzc450 concrete mixer machine price which is an important factor affecting construction waste brick, we need to use mobile crushing plant machinery company Yifan the construction waste sorting, crushing and screening. Such construction waste mobile crushing break Construction waste brick machine brick production Broken station by the primary screening equipment, crusher, magnetic separator and the necessary transport equipment. Construction waste mobile crushing station can be dismantled on site or nearby area, or in need of construction site waste after processing to remove the waste for reprocessing in different categories. Transported to the construction waste by the primary screening equipment will be divided into two parts, oversize coarse material into the crusher for further crushing, the crushed material through a magnetic separator to remove iron massive material. Mobile crushing station using a special separation process, such as by means of a pneumatic or wet cleaning methods on conveyor undesired material separated. Class plant is also equipped with sorting equipment, such as the use of vibration equipment bumpy wood, plastic, paper and other lightweight materials and a mild contaminated material classification and separation. After crushing the material can also be divided into different uses, different inorganic hybrid particle aggregates, wheel barrow cement mixer for sale price construction waste processing, such as Germany in the fixed construction waste recycling plant in accordance with the requirements of the German standard DIN4226 recovered to 0 ~ 32mm, 0 ~ 45mm, 0 ~ 65mm of mineral aggregate mix, and provide for the special needs of the occasion, there are requirements for graded granular aggregate, such as O ~ 8mm, 8 ~ 16mm, 16 ~ 32mm of graded aggregate, etc. Late use construction waste brick machine and dryer, etc., can be made according to the rational allocation of aggregate mobile crushing station after processing. Prospects editor Construction waste brick prospects, construction waste brick can not only effectively eliminate a large number of construction waste and other solid waste, construction waste effectively address land encroachment, pollution and other issues; also can effectively resolve the current production of a large number of clay brick destruction of farmland land, a lot of air pollution caused by burning and other issues, and thereby promote the construction of the wall materials production optimization and upgrading of industrial structure, to achieve the production technology industry big leap. Yifan Machinery Company proposes construction waste brick production line with construction waste as raw materials, energy conservation, energy, emission reduction as the design guidelines, based on technology from domestic and foreign advanced technology, according to Chinas actual situation, creative design and development Development of environmentally friendly energy-saving automatic production line unburned independent intellectual property rights. It has: 1, AM FM vibration, reach even dense high unburned recycled brick, but also saves energy purposes; 2, the use of construction waste as raw material for renewable unburned brick production, produce more varieties of unburned recycled brick, such as standard brick, bearing hollow bricks, lightweight aggregate hollow brick, brick walkway lane combination of unburned regeneration, regeneration lawn unburned brick, brick realm unburned regeneration, regeneration unburned brick revetment, may need to make the shape and size of the molding; 3 , compact structure, supporting dynamic,concrete mixer jzc350a cement mixer machine high production efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection; 4, modular design, installation, maintenance, and easy maintenance; 5, high degree of automation, easy to operate; 6, low manufacturing costs.