-insert dancing with Dawson and Nick C. here-

xD Yeah.

Today in music class, we had Titanium playing, for Susans project.

Hayden started dancing, and Dawson did too.

Then Hayden started singing in one of his voices. (That one weird voice he uses all the time, not the others xD)

Nick joined in the dancing (Not Nick that I hang out with, Nick in my class).

Hayden was getting really into it, and it was almost to the chorus. Hayden started the dance moves he had been doing for all the choruses, and then Susan cut it off and he was like



And sometime today, someone wrote GREG 4 EVAR on Gregs old locker, in big, capital letters.

In pencil, but still.

I wish I could get a picture of it, but I probably wont get to unless it stays there until the Christmas concert or something, I dunno xDD

Kayla showed me this a while back, and I still cant get over it xDD


Its hilarious xD

I found this too..

Doctor: Would you like a sticker?

5 years old: YAY! YES PWEASE!!!
7 years old: Im too old for stickers...
10 years old: No, Im way too old!
13 years old: Just a minute Im texting!
15-18 years old: OMG!!! STICKERS!? GIM-ME!!! NOW!!!!!!!!

Its so true. ;u;

/adds thirteen-fourteen to the last one

I have to go now.