Recently, the official release of the official Infiniti QX50 concept car official map, the new car will be opened on January 9 next year, the 2017 North American auto show starting. Judging from the official map, the new car as a whole more to retain the previous QX Sport Inspiration concept car design features, and the rear and other external details closer to mass production, while the car will also be a prototype of a new generation of QX50 models. Appearance, QX50 concept car fit seat leon turbocharger designed to retain most of the basic since the 2016 Beijing Auto Show starting QX Sport Inspiration concept car, including Infinitis existing family-style grille, slender LED headlamps and so on. The biggest change in the front part of the new car is to increase the front bumper with a hollow under the air intake of the guard, while the bumper on both sides of the larger opening size. In the details, the new car is also changing the style fit Octavia 1.8 turbocharger closer to the production of models outside the rearview mirror, wheel eyebrow, side pedal and so on. Body side, QX50 also retains the previous QX Sport Inspiration concept car lines, concave waist shape of the sword, with a rigid rounded eyebrows, a slight decline in the roof of the trend, and the "new moon" type D-chrome Trim, creating a compact and dynamic design of the dynamic. In addition, the new front fender also adds a chrome-plated decoration M3 Coilovers, and exterior mirrors on the chrome trim and side window frame trim is also integrated, exquisite sense of the full.