BMW M3 E92 is a pure BMW S65B40A equipped with a naturally aspirated engine performance sports car, 4.0L displacement V8 engine burst out of a maximum power output 420Ps and 400N • m and a maximum engine speed of 8300rpm. This data into the present, has been surpassed many smaller displacement turbocharged engine, a high-performance air intake system facelift is the most direct way to improve the power. Obsessed with everyday driving performance driving efficiency and fuel consumption of ARMA company for M3 E92 models BMW Coilovers specially developed high-flow carbon fiber corresponding variable intake system.


The M3 E92 carbon fiber suitable for high flow variable intake system mainly consists of high-flow variable intake air filter, carbon fiber air box set, the automatic mode electronic speed control devices and OBD II connector open special carbon fiber material can set airbox effective barrier to high temperature, high temperature to ensure that the intake is not affected engine compartment, improving engine efficiency. ARMA creative in this high flow carbon fiber variable intake air vents added an exclusive design, highly efficient direct injection diversion design, variable speed air filter and OBD II opened a dedicated connector.


Forced wind shield can reduce the engine intake resistance, improve the efficiency of high-speed suction; exhaust port design can be quickly discharged in idle or stranded gas gathering inside hot air at low speed, reduce intake air temperature and accelerates the injection of fresh cold air, improve the quality of combustion engine Peugeot Crankshaft; variable air filter embedded variable intake valve, the perfect combination of high flow metal filter and 3D establishment, low torque loss reduction, slowing turbo lag phenomenon; OBD II equipped with a special connector speed open ARMA ECU directly read original car signal, replacing the complicated wiring problems, easy to install, and can switch between different modes in accordance with the owner driving habits.